rumor has it kurt used a big muff pi and a DS-1
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that's it? i thought the ds-1 was for slight boosts and wouldn't get this gainy as a sole pre amp.

would it work with a fender?
DS-1 works fine with a strat with a humbucker, turn your mids all the way up on your amp treble 5-7, bass 5, Ds-1 distortion all the way as well as the level and the tone between 10 and noon
Going by this site , which is dedicated to Kurt's gear, this is what he had at the time of Bleach's recording:

Distortion: Boss DS-1 or Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi
Chorus: Electro-Harmonix Small Clone
Fuzz: Univox Superfuzz or Vox Tone Bender Fuzz
Don't know any of the settings, the site wasn't that detailed.

Randall Commander Head
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And of course, guitar:
Fender HSS

Hope that helps!
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