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1 0%
40 17%
99 43%
38 17%
19 8%
4 2%
1 0%
2 1%
Custom/Hybrid (please specify)
25 11%
Voters: 229.
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Just curious.

I've just gone up to 12s (Elixirs) on my Les Paul, and I love them. I get a much heavier/beefier tone, especially when in Drop Db. I also find it easier to ring out pinch harmonics too, they all in all feel more comfortable under my fingers.

So, why do you use the string gauge you use?
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i need to have the same amount of tension across all my guitars or my hands go out of wack. so that's 12-60s for e, 13-60 for eb, 14-70 on my bari for b.
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I use 10s, I like them. Sometimes 11s, sometimes 9s.
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I use .012 roundwounds in standard tuning. I got used to the feel of that gauge after playing a steel string acoustic for years. Plus it works fine for the few bends I do occasionally (plain G), stays in tune, has a nice full clean tone and long sustain.

The only downside is the increased amount of fretwear, but I might get stainless steel frets soon.
I use 12's on my Jackson and 13's on my Les Paul, both tuned to C#. I just prefer the feel of thicker strings, i'd up the guage on my Jackson but i'm seeing fretwear alread so i dont think i will.
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I use 11's. I am a fairly all around musician playing many diffrent types of music. Rock, Hard Rock, Various forms of metal ranging in many alternate tunings, Flamenco, Jazz, Blues,funk (list goes on...)

The thickness of the 11s is enough so when I play metal I can detune them while still maintaining a good amount of tension they also give a good beefy tone that you want with high distortion.
They are also good for Some Jazz that I play which requires me to let off the tone knob. They are also not to thick to get a nice jingly tone like in Reggae and funk.
I also find them more comfortable to bend since the larger sizes makes them less likely to slip while bending or using vibrato.
I feel they keep their tune better when using agressive whammy bar techniques.
Lastly I find they don't break as easy as thinner ones.

I find thicker strings to be slightly less versatile when it comes to the tones I want to here and thinner ones just break to easily as well as having a thin sound to my ear.
11s for me, i love feeling some resistance from the strings, i love to dig in if i feel like it, 3 years ago when i was using 9s i would snap strings alot, and now...well guess im just heavy handed but now i rarely break strings unless im tuning the wrong string up because i have the tuner plugged in such a way the audio doesnt come through lol.
LTHBs, for Drop C#, on a 24" scale guitar and a 25.1" scale guitar.
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I like 10's, still great for cleans yet deep enough for good metal, and feels good to play. I might try 11's one day though.
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I use 11 because for me I feel like it's thicker than the usual strings which is good but not too thick.
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Yea thats what i thought.
I use 11's on my Les Paul sometimes 12's. It really depends on my mood when I re-string it. I use 9's on my Telecaster Deluxe, they feel right but I have been debating on going up to 10's for it.
I have one guitar dropped to D standard that uses 13s. The other is tuned to standard and uses 12s, so I voted 12s. I happen to hate my 13s though, because the G is wound and I can forget about bending more than a step on the G
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I use 11s on my jagmaster, and SG because they feel good.
I also use 12 flat wounds on my SX SJM because anything less pops out of the saddles on the bridge. Also they feel good.
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I'm rolling with 9's on my Player's Strat (mostly because I just bought it), and with 12s on my Xiphos (which is always kept in Drop C for convenience).
I'm using 10s (lthb) on my Virgo and 9s on my Dragon... 10s are more comfy on the Virgo, not that floppy and 9s are necessary to make better use of the OFR on the Dragon. Easy as Goo Pie.
10-52s elixers for me (or daddario is i feel cheap)

Mainly because i have small fingers so anything higher is harder for me to bend, Getting 12's put on my ibanez tho as that might be put into drop B for a while. or move on and sell it setup as Drop C.
Depends on the guitar. Some of mine use .09s, some use .10s, some use .10s with heavier low E and A strings. I pick whatever is most comfortable taking into account scale length, action, fret size, bridge type, nut type, headstock type and tuning.
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I use .10s because they're the most popular and I think all of my fave artists use them.
0.10s because they have way more bite than regular strings, can cope better with lower tunings and they don't hinder lead playing. If I'm just messing around and mindlessly noodling I always play my guitar that has regular gauge strings though.

0.11s are too heavy, 0.10s are perfect, for me.
13s! Great tone
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11-49's. Because 10's are too small and 12's are too big.
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10s in my LTD, cause basically I can play anything with that. Inc. crazy solos.

11-54 on my schecter for the thick, heavy rhythm sound. Wanna make it really heavy.

I still voted for the 10s on the poll, cause Ive played the 10s longer and I play it a lil more tbh.


I'm in C Standard and I didn't like the bright tone of the .9's I had from factory.
9's because they came with my guitar and I can't be bothered to change the setup
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.9s for Standard tuning / half step down
.11s for Drop C
.12s for Drop B

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I use 10's because it just feels perfect for me. Though on my lp I have a daddario heavy bottom light top set (basically 10's with slightly heavier low strings) and that seems to work a little better since I'm usually in drop D.
I normally use .10s, but I have one guitar that I tune to D standard a lot, so for that I use .11s
I use the set that is used in 7-string guitars. I play in drop A.
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.10's on my two Standard tuned, and .12's on my Drop B-tuned one.
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im using 10s on my jackson and les paul both in standard tuning but i think i will change to 11s on my les because the 10s feel a little loose
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I use .10s because I like them. Not so thick that bends are impossible, and not so thin that they feel like noodles in anything lower than E standard.
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I like to use .10-.52's. They really work best for me. I need very thick E, A, and D strings. They sound the best to me, and I like some resistance on the lower strings.
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10-52s for E / Drop D
12-60s for anything between C# standard and Drop A#
12-59 (7 string set) with an 80 for F (for my 8 string )
All Daddario because they have the best feeling/sound IMO
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