Yo pit, feeling a little sensitive so be nice, fcukers.

Anyways, I've been dating a girl since January, it's only 5 months but we're really close.
I'm 19. I feel like she's the 'one'. I love everything about her, and we've been good ever since. She split up with her ex-boyfriend in November, I know - I snatched her up maybe a little too quick.

Anyway, she's been moody lately, and it came down to her saying she needs to "find herself as she has never really felt alone to be herself and do always her own thing".

She tells me she loves me and I genuinely believe her. She says she wants a break to "find herself". She also said she still wants to hang out, but very rarely, just to like keep the love there.

I've told her that she can take control. You know, she calls the shots when we see each other, she calls me first, she texts me. I just leave her totally alone so she can find herself. I've come to the conclusion that maybe a break WOULD be good. I can do my own thing, concentrate on my music and sport, you know.

Anyway, my main problem is, I always get an urge to text her, or to call her.
I guess I just miss her.

She says she doesn't know how long she'll take, but she's been hanging with friends and stuff.

How do I get my mind off her? I'll be honest, I find myself struggling to go a full day without getting in contact.

Any ideas how I can get my mind off her and leave her to 'find herself'?

Cheers guys.
Go to the woods.

Take Shrooms


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Relationship thread, TS.
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Go to the Relationship Thread. They apparently give good advice.

My only experience with taking a "break" ended up being a permanent "break" unfortunately.