how do you connect 2 songs together like when people make a medley? im not even sure its called 'transposing'.. but wtheck..
example i want to play the first song that is in key of A, but then i want to make a medley like combine this other song but it is in the key of E so my question is how do you do that??
Look into cadences. E and A are both really easy keys to switch between.
a lot of people today (see: pop music) will just use equipment to shift the pitches so that it's in key.

if someone actually knows what they're doing, however, this can be achieved through a modulation.
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I think, if I understand you correctly, you're looking to transition from one song to another. I don't know that the key is important when you transition, i would suggest looking for similarities between the two songs (notes, chords, etc.) and try to link them and get it to flow together well, getting it to feel right and be a smooth transition is important to it sounding good
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thanks for the reply guys.
Bikewer - yeah, but if i do that for every song then the singer would have trouble if its not in their voice range.

rebel_rocker - thanks yea thats what i mean linking two different songs together so that when sung it wont have that awkward pause inbetween the two songs yknow? thanks for the tip ill try to look into it more and the forumla and all that