I have a Sunn SL 260, and recently it has stopped producing any sound at all. However, when i plus headphones into the headphone jack, the amp sounds just liek it used to. Is there a problem with the speakers? normally i would replace the tubes but it's a solid state >.<.

Any help/suggestions to remedy the problem?
Buy a JTM45. Problem solved.
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Holy crap, check this out!
does it have a master volume and channel volume? if so turn the channel volume completely off and just use the master
did this happen all of a sudden?

i've had solid state amps have just the amplifier chips fail in them - this actually caused no sound to be output from speakers but allowed one to listen as they normally would with headphones…

i'd check into that as an option too before buying a new speaker, unless you're sure thats the problem - if the speaker's the issue and it happened suddenly, its probably not 'blown' - it's probably one of the wire leads has come loose, check there first

hope this helps