Hey UG, so I play bass in a band, we all live far from each other, it sucks, but the advantage to technology and all of us being multi-instrumentalist is that we get to bang our ideas out and send them out to each other.

Its called New Blank Song (DEMO) in my profile, its a complete song drums, bass, guitar


Tell me what you think of the song, its a demo but solid quality, of course I will crit you all back!

EDIT: Golden Skies is the version with vocals, its rough, I can;t sing, its there to give my band mates an idea so...you choose basically.
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not the kind of stuff I listen to, but I'm guessing a vocalist would be the main focus with them spitting lyrics out at the mic, so I guess the track serves its purpose there by giving the singer some sorta floor to stand on.

Although this notion, imo is completely ruined by the riff at 2:08. The song felt as if it just completely lost all energy it had going for it , and simply died off - even when it picked back up I ended up not caring.

even if you just simply kept banging a simple rhythm like this..


all the while keeping the same tempo and power with the drums, you can interpret that however ya like, but I'm not one that cares for an arrangement that's got that sort of energy to it to abruptly just slow down alluva sudden

I think if you could write that one part differently it'd help the arrangement imo but otherwise overall its looking good

just my tidbit :P C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1222811
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Not the most original song I've ever heard, but I'm definitely feeling the energy. It does need a vocalist ASAP but I feel like it has potential. I sort of agree with the guy above me about 2:08, but I think it's an easier fix than what he suggested - up the tempo a bit and toss in some 8ths or 16ths on the hi hat and snare. Hang on to this one.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1324358
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Appreciate the feedback guys, the thing with the recording method I use, I jump on drums first the bridge cymbal grab part is definitely supposed to be more high paced and the riff tighter.

I have a version with vocals I'm just not a huge fan of my off tune singing and didn't really feel like it gave my vision justice so one of the singers in the group would handle that duty lol

Edit: And trust me I love leads and so forth but we are a trio and we do base a lot of our songs on lyrics and vocals so that explains how its a bit more simplistic then technical.
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I don't really listen to this style often, although it really isn't bad, I kind of like it. Sounds stoner-ish in a way if it was punk. Some of the timing is off a little bit. Also, the drums are kind of muddy sounding and clips, but it does lend to the lo fi feel in a way. I like the punky feel of it actually, I'm a fan of old school hardcore. Not bad but needs some work, it would definitely sound a lot better if the playing was alot cleaner.

Check mine out when you get the chance.
Man not a lot of rock/punk fans in these parts of the forum...? Like I mentioned its a rough demo for band practice wasnt really concerned too much on if it came out a bit sloppy but overall, yea definitely a couple of things need to be tightened up
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