Hey ive noticed when im playing on my schecter, the springs on my floyd vibrate, and when i plug in it makes alot of excess noise, also it makes my whammy bar buzz sometimes, and the pickups pick it up, any help? should i get those noiseless springs that floydupgrades sells?
You could, but I've never used them so i don't know how good they are. You could also just do what most people do and put some foam or tissue paper in the cavity, it will dampen the spring vibrations fine.
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Yeah put some tissues in there. If its good enough for Steve Vai, its goods enough for you.
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If its good enough for Steve Vai, its goods enough for you.

Thats exactly what I was thinking when I posted before!
my RG had an old gross paper towel in it haha that thing was probably 10 years old, but it fit that trem cavity like a glove after all that time! never had any noise problems with that in there either
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