Ive been doing a lot of "Studying" about my guitar and sets up etc...and I came across the fact that guitar need to be "setup" and well, I kinda wanna know what this is. im a decent player, been playing froabout a year and a half and Ive been noticing some of the flaws with my guitar that I think could be fixed with setting it up

And tips/hints?
Setting up your action can be done by yourself without any catastrophic results, as can almost anything else, but don't touch your truss rod whatsoever.
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Usually setting up a guitar consists of adjusting the truss rod, which is a rod running inside, the length of your guitar's neck. This controls the 'straightness' or bow of the neck.

Adjusting 'action' is done by raising or lowering the height of your guitar's bridge. This controls how far or high the strings are from the neck of the guitar. Some people like their strings low, or closer to the frets, other like them high. The next thing usually done in a set-up is intonation, or the consistency and accuracy of the notes on each fret all the way up the neck for each string (playing the e-string open should match perfectly to the note on the 12th fret of that same string.) There is a lot of information on the internet or in books about how to do this stuff.

I've learned a lot about doing this stuff for my own guitar because I had issues with my guitar when I first bought it and brought it to 4 different shops for a set-up and was never happy with the results. I bought two rulers, one small one to measure 1/64 of an inch (used to measure string height) and an 18" ruler that I use to lay across the length of the fret board to measure the 'relief' or bow in my guitars neck.

If you have a way to accurately measure these things it can help a lot for doing set-ups yourself. That way you know what each adjustment your making is actually doing, whether it be string height or neck relief. Some guitars are easier to adjust than others. I have a fixed Tune-o-Matic bridge, which is super easy to adjust action and intonation on. However I know nothing about tremolo or floyd rose guitar bridges.

Read up and watch some online videos about doing guitar set-ups, and then see if your comfortable trying it on your own guitar. If not, bring it in to a professional (hopefully you have better luck than I did) and have them do one. It's usually between 40-70 dollars depending on what they do. Good luck man.