i noticed a problem with my guitar...when it's on clean there's no problem what so ever....i turn to distortion...its still ok...i play for a while,then i stop...as soon as i stop there's this feedback noise coming, and it doesn't stop till i turn to clean again... i know the problem is not the amp or the effect coz i tried this with a lotta different stuff...is this a ground problem? please help! (
If by feedback you mean a humming noise, then I think this is caused by your pickups.

You can buy noiseless/silent/I don't know the real name pickups, but the people I know just live with it.

On the other hand, I could be completely wrong and you could have some other problem.
are the pickups to high to the strings sometimes that can cause a weird feedback especially when you have distortion on. or it could be jsut cause they are single coil pickups and not humbuckers.
what kind of guitar is it and what are the pickups
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Could be a ground problem, could be that you're standing too close to your amp, could be your pickups, if they're single coils, could be your input jack, could be your cable. What's certain is that there's not enough information to solve this problem, teach!
A noise suppressor also might be a good investment...
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well my guitar has 2 single pickups and one humbucker...there's no humming noise except if i'm on the single pickups...on the humbucker its only the feedback sound , and i don't think the pickups are too high, anyways its not the amp or the cables or the effect coz i tried it on many different things.....its something in the guitar, someone told me that its a problem with the capacitors but i really don't know
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An old guitarist saying is, "For every musical problem, there is a mechanical solution." Guitarists think nothing of putting clamps, capos, whammy bars, etc. on their guitars to correct problems and create effects. Maybe that's why I love the instrument so much.
Intonation problems are probably the hardest to figure out, especially for the beginner. I suffered with this particular problem for years before I finally had my saddle compensated by a repairman.


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are you using some kind of overdrive or distortion pedal? that could be the cause
i just said up there it's not from the amp! i tried all this stuff...its a problem in the circuit whether its the ground or not
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@ handbanana... i usually use a Digitech RP70 but I tried other stuff and it's the same problem