I am currently debating getting a pod x3 live or a floor pod plus by line 6. The pod x3 is more expensive but from the reviews I've read has much better tones etc. On the other hand if I get the cheaper floor pod plus I can save up for a new guitar. Currently I have a Peavy Raptor Plus EXP which I"m very satisfied with and is very easy to play with decent sound for its price. Mean while my amp is a peavy Backstage which has a nice tube like sound but I would like more options and effects that come with the pods. I like to play a variety of different music styles which is why I want the pod. Any advice is apreciated.
i'm a bit confused so can we break this down?

are you def getting the X3 or the Pod Plus?
are you keeping the amp?
do you gig?
do you record?
what kind of music do you play?
do you have a total budget?
do you have a store near you that you can play this stuff?
what is your closest major city?

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K I'm definatly getting the x3 or the floor pod plus (the advantage of the floor pod is I get a new guitar sooner)

I will keep my current amp as it won't sell for much

I do not gig but I plan on starting a band with my friends soon

I don't record but if something sounds cool I will do a small recording via the computer

My budget is about $400 but I can push it to $500 (again would prefer something cheaper so I can save up some more to get a new guitar)

Yes I can try out these at a nearby store but can't do it until next week as I'm busy with finals

I am in central New Jersey so I'm squished between NY and Phili

Thankks for the reply
Also for styles of music I play all pretty much all over the place. I like some metal. Most blues and classic rock I like alternative sometimes. But ya since I'm all over the place I think the pod would be the best as it can emulate the best amps for the job. I guess I'm really asking is the x3 worth the extra money.