I decided to install a killswitch on an old bass I have. Here's a photo of the bass guts:

It has two volume controls and one tone control. This is what I understand from the wiring (correct me if I'm wrong): the black/white cables connects each pickup with the volume control, they are in parallel and both of them are in serie with the tone control. The output jack has the hot wire and ground wire. So, if I want to install a killswitch should I solder the wires of the button in the position I marked on the photo? Another thing about killswitches, they shortcut the circuit of the bass or they shortcut the amp? I don't think they shortcut the amp, but I can't figure how they shortcut the bass when I push the button and the circuit is closed.

I looked at several killswitchs diagrams but none is exactly the configuration I have on my bass. I think I'm wiring the killswitch the proper way, but I rather ask than f***ing up something =P