Ok so i have a crate head that i want to use with my marshall 1960BV cab. When i hooked up the head with the speaker(head = 4ohm, Speaker 4 or 16.), it works fine for a bit(10-15mins).. but then the sound dies out and becomes REALLY quiet. I thought it was the head but i took it to my local guitar center and tested it, played it for an hour straight and the sound didnt die. is it because my head and amp doesnt match? it can;t be that my cab is messing up because it works fine with my 2 other marshall heads.

i really don't know what the problem is, so i was hoping maybe some of you guys might know?
That's really strange... I would get another head and test it with the cab. Assuming nothing is wring there, I would try the crate head again, and see what happens.
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