I have a stock Crate 4x12 cab and i'm looking to upgrade. I've had it for a while and it seems pretty sturdy, but i'm not liking the tone from the speakers. It just doesn't have enough high end bite to cut through the mix. I'm thinking about just buying 4 Eminence swamp thing speakers and putting them in there. Would this be worth it or should I just buy a new cab altogether?
http://avatarspeakers.com/ Avatar cabs are really nice and affordable. They put your choice of celestion speakers in them.

It might be cheaper to get one of thiers than to replace four speakers in an existing cab. And you can sell the cab you have.
4 swamp thangs is way to many swamp thangs anyway. you'll just hear bass. I mean you'll get highs and mids and stuff too but mostly bass. Also, where do you run this cab? At home or are you gigging with it. Swamp Thangs have an efficiency of 101-103. Forget about bedroom level with them.
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honestly, with the prices of things on craigslist, i would buy a new cab and sell the crate. speakers would set you back ~$300, and you could find a cab for $500 with vintage 30's or some other well known speaker, and probably could get the difference selling your cab.

just my $.02
You could easily score a nice Marshall 1960 on the CL for around 3, which is what I did. There's no use replacing speakers when they're $100-140 a piece anyways.
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