Has anyone had any experience with the Behringer PMP2000 power mixer? I've been looking for a small PA for vocals. I have a Phonic 740 now. I got the Phonic mainly to hook my ipod to the computer and play music so I could play along with my bass. We've use it for vocals and it's done ok. We haven't really tried it for a gig, just practice. I play bass with a group of guys, 3 guitars and a drummer. Classic rock is what we usually play. I also play with another group, me on bass and 3 guitars and a drummer. This group's venue is mainly old country like Merle, Waylon, Hank Jr....etc. The Phonic may actually work for that cause we play at a lower volume.
Anyway, I know a guy that is interested in buying the Phonic from me so I've been looking at a Behringer PA system. The link below shows it. I'd add 2 more 12"s to use as stage monitors. I hope you're ok with this thread. We're a bunch of 50 year olds that can play music but none of us know a lot about "live" sound systems. Thanks for your help and time.
By the way...we wouldn't run any instruments through it...just vocals. Thanks.
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