My Singer is a tenor and i have no probs with tuning my guitar in different ways. Which tuning will compliment his voice more?
tuning has absolutely nothing to do with how your playing "compliments" his voice.
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what is the point of this.
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i think i know what you mean...kind of how 'apparently' the reason why guns n roses and van halen tuned down a half step so that axl and david lee roth could hit the notes?
Whatever he feels needs to be different, higher or lower.
it should be up to the singer. If he hears a specific pitch he wishes to hit but he can't quite reach or sustain it in Standard, then try shifting that song or all of your music down by half steps til your singer feels comfortable with his range.
I don't think its stupid to tune half step to help out with singers. A lot of songs are in E, and when you just need that low Eb I guess its useful. **** the haters lol
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Tuning doesn't matter. Listen to Soundgarden. Chris Cornell is a tenor(methinks), and they use really low tunings, and higher tunings. Just experiment with what you guys think sounds good. Good luck.
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tuning has absolutely nothing to do with how your playing "compliments" his voice.

Not true, at all.

As with everything, there's a 'comfort zone' in everyone's voice. This means they'll sound the best and have the most control over their voice in that specifice range. If TS's singer isn't comfortable with riffs on or around the low E (I'm assuming it's metal/rock, here), the entire tuning should go down until he IS comfortable.
So yes, tuning and playing has everything to do with making your singer feel comfortable.

TS, as has been said, have the singer decide. Take a song that you both know and just try tunings until he says 'This is the one'.
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Well, telling him you like his voice is an obvious one. Compliments on the way he pronounces certain lyrics is good, as are general outfit/hairstyle things. A good one is "man, you nailed that ___."

Also, what's his name? If it starts with an A, B, C, D, E, F, or G, he's in for quite a compliment with your tuning!
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