I play acoustic guitar, and I play live shows a lot. I play a mixture of styles and often switch between fingerstyle and playing with a pick. There's just too much of a drop in volume when switching to fingerstyle after playing a pick.

I'm wanting something to kind of even out my volume when switching back and forth. After researching and asking a few friends, I've found two possible solutions: a compressor pedal or a volume pedal. I'm just not too sure which one would be better. I'm more leaning towards the volume pedal, but I figured I would ask just too see if I was right.

Right now, my rig is Guitar->Boss TU-2->TS-9 Copy->L.R. Baggs Para Acoustic DI->Front of house.

Thanks in advance.
Volume pedal. You would have to use A LOT of compression to balance both volumes and that would make it sound like crap.
That's what I thought, but I have a very limited understanding of compression so I wasn't sure.

Would the Ernie Ball Jr. Volume pedal be any good? It seems as if everyone in my area uses one, but is there a significantly better alternative?
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The EB is great, but if you just want to drop a set amount, I'd go for something with a stompbox layout, rather than an expression pedal. The EB is more meant for doing swells and stuff, you could quite easily make a pedal with just a volume pot in a box, so you can turn it on to reduce the level to equalise it, rather than having to set the expression pedal each time.
That sounds interesting. Could I buy something like that? I'm not wonderful with soldering, but I know a little about it. I do really subtle changes during the middle of a song so I thought the expression pedal might be nice. I would like to check out what you're talking about though.
ever thought about a clean boost?

it is from my understanding that ernie ball volume pedals dont add more volume because they are passive, just like the volume pot on your guitar. i would like verification on that though, as i am not totally sure.
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The only thing similar to it that I know of is one of those Ebay attenuators
But they lack a footswitch. It wouldnt be hard to wire up at all, but if you're not confident it might not be that easy, I know soldering used to be a PITA for me until I learned how to do it properly.
Maybe have a look at the Homebrew Electronics Detox EQ, thats similar, but with an EQ built in too, although if you do changes throughout the song, the EB will be more useful.
I played around with a friend's EB today, and I think it's what I need. Thanks for all the help. Now I'll have to build a pedal board haha.