So, when I perform anything, I really can't think of anything to do besides just stand there... I mean I do the occasional jump and I hold the guitar completely vertical on a strong chord. What else is there? What do you guys do?
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I've never performed with a guitar, but usually whenever I play violin/drums I just go with the music...I'll be inspired to move a certain way for w/e song. Some people can choreograph movements (singers frequently do this) and make it work, but I was never that kinda guy, it just kinda flows outta me.

Just watch some of your favorite guitar players perform, and they'll give you some ideas. Sometimes it's appropriate to just stand there, but other times you gotta put a little more into it. Hope that helped a little
If your Matt Bellamy you dance and throw yourself around the stage... but your not so, I dunno.

Edit: Oh power slide reminded me of **** push ups
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I do what I can

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Get your audience involved, address them, get them to do shit.

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If it's a dorky, fun song do the thing Axle does, that weird snake wobble thing. It's fun to do and easy with a guitar.
I usually just do what feels right, swaying(I hate doing it but some times it work perfect), jumping around, spins, that weird getting up thing that the guitarist for Weezer does in the video for Hash Pipe. Just stand in front of a mirror(or record yourself) and play a song. See how it looks, then do what looks/feels good
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You probably need to windmill (headbang in a circular motion) in sync with the rest of your band. Grow long hair first and also doing **** pushups before each performance will enhance confidence.
Do you make eye contact? Or do you stare at the fretboard most of the time? Eye-contact is the first step to engaging the crowd.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I feel that if you're playing a solo or something like a lead part, it may be appropriate to just stand and look at your fretboard, but look 'into' it. If you're playing a main riff to a song, and especially if singing while doing this, practice your riffs so hard that you can move around and like AlanHB said, make eye contact.

Watching concert DVDs is a great way to learn about performing... I recommend actually purchasing DVDs and watching them like a movie rather than just youtubing. You absorb the whole experience, usually in a good resolution with better sound quality, and it's all 'tied together' to actually give you a sense of that 'feeling'.
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