These two amps seem very similar and I'm interested in both What do some of you think about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Both are cool but the Tweaker (and the Renegade) are far superior imo. I've played both. Depending on your budget and needs I highly recommend the Tweaker. You can go from honest Fender chimey cleans to convincing Marshall EL34 crunch to KT66 high gain modern flavors with no problem. Even without the power tube swaps. Lots of functionality.

If your budget is higher I recommend the Renegade. Also a killer amp.

New or Used?
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Mostly home maybe small gigs. The switching function for wattage is a big plus on the rebel for me. The tweaker controls seem a little overkill but its highly recommended wherever I look


Just a Top 20 list? I would've thought it would be MUCH more than 20.

But yeah, the Tweaker (in my opinion) is a much better amp than the Rebel.
i would also agree that the tweaker is better than the rebel, but the drawback to the tweaker is in reality a single channel. i would however between the two, buy the tweaker and get a good dirt pedal for the grit. the tweaker is magic with the OCD.

both the tweaker and renegade are in my top 10. i own the renegade, and absolutely love it, and i have a tweaker on the way whenever it is off of backorde (i have been waiting two months).
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what 311 and these guys said.

the tweaker rocks. it's a very versatile amp. some people don't like the loop from what i've read but it works fine for me.

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