I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I went through the "how to buy an acoustic guitar" thread and it didn't really answer my questions.

I'm primarly an electric guitar player, so I don't know much about acoustics. I've been getting by with a fairly average classical guitar that was given to me but I'd really like a decent acoustic or electric acoustic.
One guitar I remember playing when I was in a guitar store was the Satriani signature acoustic, which to me and my dad sounded pretty good, but I've been told Ibanez acoustics aren't really that good.

Does anyone have this guitar, or has anyone played it? What did you think of it?
It's not that Ibanez acoustics are bad guitars, or that they are unreasonably priced, or anything like that. The issue that most people have with Ibanez acoustics is that they are inconsistent in their build quality. That alone will affect the sound and its overall structural strength, which can lead to tons of problems down the road.

But, keep in mind that everyone elses opinion on goes so far. If you find an acoustic that plays, sounds, and feels great to you, I see no reason why you shouldn't get it. Just know that the above is the biggest gripe people have with their acoustics.

If you want to a look around... Yamaha, Alvarez, Blueridge, and Washburn are all viable alternatives that are pretty consistent in their build quality. Yamaha is usually ranked as top of the line for the budget acoustic; usually giving you far more bang for your buck than most companies. Still, every guitar and player is different. Go with your gut.
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^read that again
also i never heard ibanez making bad guitar their pretty good imo although id try a few to find the right one
Quote by supersac
^read that again
also i never heard ibanez making bad guitar their pretty good imo although id try a few to find the right one

Well...i've found the quality on the electrics a bit dodgy
I've tried the Ibanez Exotic Wood series acoustics, and I personally was able to get a great sound of them. Not very expensive, and still pretty versatile.
In my experience, they are.... okay. They get the job done and look real nice. I personally would preach Yamaha for the same price range as a lot of the Ibanez, but this is my own personal opinion. I have never owned an Ibanez so take that as it's worth.
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It really depends on the guitar. As a general rule, when it comes to Ibanez acoustics, both from the ones I've tried and those I've heard about, go for an Ibanez with a plain finish. Often the ones with flashy tops are the ones that sound the worst. I'm not sure if they still make the AW series (I believe they do), but around five years ago, my dad got my mum their AW100, which sounds and plays fantastic and is built quite well, for a fairly low price. She never really got into playing, but I learned how to play on that guitar. Still play it sometimes, and it's quite nice.
In the end, it depends on what you like in terms of feel and sound. The negative correlation between frills and tone is just my own personal opinion, but keep it in mind when you go and try them out. Because what really matters is what you feel when you hold her and play her.
In the budget guitar range, I have heard (and felt) that Yamahas are quite nice, and I like Seagulls as well, but my favorite are Takamines. If you're looking for a good budget guitar, most of theirs for under US $500 are the class of the field.
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Quote by supersac
^read that again
also i never heard ibanez making bad guitar their pretty good imo although id try a few to find the right one

No. I've been around for quite a few years now. I can assure you that the acoustic guitar products they make are iffy and inconsistent. The electronics breaking quickly is a very common complaint among many others.
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