What can I do with this?
And Is it okay to get?I dont want to buy things that are SUPER expensive....
But I'm only 18 and Making payments and everything sounds good....
What do you guys think?
My opinion...don't do it. The GC card has a really high interest rate. If you want a credit card so you can make payments on gear, dig a little deeper and research. I cannot remember the name of the card I want to suggest...but there are better cards out there with lower rates. The GC card is a good idea...I thought about it at one point until I read into it and found other cards that are better.
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yeah, they make it sound awesome and talk up the good points. but what they don't tell you are interest rates and hidden fees. i haven't looked into it, but i remember thinking about it a while ago when i was at GC all the time. it might be a great tool for people with the right amount of income and who frequent GC enough to make a ton of purchases, but even then i can't see why they'd opt for this if they could make payments or save up for one big payment. just my thoughts on it
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im going to have to agree with the two people above me. I too was thinking about getting one to buy a les paul and paying it off by the end of the summer before school starts up again, but now im just saving and im going to buy it at the end of the summer... the interest rate is higher than my credit card if i remember correctly.
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The belief of using the CC with non-existing money instead of your own, saved up money is the reason the entire world is basically shit-poor right now. Please, for your own good, only buy stuff when you know you can afford it and have the money at hand.
Well I was only going to buy stuff that I know I could get with a pay check or two, But just to have it sooner and to help build my credit....Pretty much anything under 500$
and it has no interest for 12 months which I could pay off items in 2.



Credit is the agent of the devil. Gear is more addictive than anything else I've ever had. When you start out, yeah, you'll start out small, something you know you can pay back. But unless you're some kind of superman, it won't end up that way.

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