Hey guys, I currently need a multi effects unit. All I need is the effects, im not interested in the drive tones. I use a bugera 333xl combo so i'll be sticking it in the effects loop of that.

I've read alot of things on both of these units on the net and it seems like the nova system is the better buy. I want to be able to use a few effects at once and be able to active them with one touch. For example I'd like to use reverb + delay and activate them at one touch. Then maybe for another patch I'd like to use delay + phaser or something and be able to active them both at the same time. So would I be able to do this with the nova? I wont be having these effects on all the time so obviously im able to bypass the effects and just use my natural amp tone for rhythms right? I've heard abit about tone sucking which kind of worries me so if anyone has any tips on how to set this up that would be greatly appreciated. By the way my budget is about $900 (Australian price) so buying one of these would be maxing it out. I am willing to go 2nd hand so if theres any other things worth suggest, feel free otherwise im fairly keen on the nova system.

Thanks guys.
I'm not familiar with the M13, but the Nova doesnt work with presets like that, it has a button to engage each type of effect individually. If you want more than one effect in patches, I'd look into a TC G-Major, I got mine second hand for AU$300. You'll need some kind of MIDI footswitch to control it though, but since they're fairly cheap that shouldn't be a worry.

EDIT: The Nova can be used with presets, sorry! Still, I think the G-Major is the better option out of the 2.
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Ah ok cool, whats the main difference between the major and nova system? And is it harder to program with a midi controller? sorry i got no idea on how to use these things haha.
The G-Major is a rack mount device, rather than a floor based pedalboard type deal. You need a MIDI controller because its just a rack device, it doesn't have any kind of switching built in other than turning a knob on the thing itself, which is pretty impractical, so you need a MIDI footswitch to change patches. If you don't plan on building up a rack setup, the Nova is better than the G-Major. There is a slight difference in the effects themselves, the G-Major has a few more options, but the Nova is still a great bit of kit.
Ah nice...Hmm im not to sure if i'll be going rack or not but i have thought about it before. What else would i require with the rack other than the midi controller? Like a stand or anything to put the rack in? Would the controller be easier to use then the nova system? I need to definently use more than one effect at the same time so if the midi controller can do that i might go with the rack. Also how much do good midi controllers usually go for?
The Nova System will be easier to use. Usually rack gear is mounted in a rack case, but it doesn't have to be (my G-Major just sits on top of my amp)
MIDI controllers can range from $100-500 for decent ones, more for more complex ones.
Ah ok thanks for all the help! greatly appreciated. I might do abit more research on it, but i think the nova system will be good for me. Cheers.

EDIT: I'm starting to think I wont really need a effects unit, I think going with single pedals would be better. BUT I need to have the ability to be able to go from lets say, chorus then switch to delay + reverb (same time) and then to maybe phaser + delay. So is there some sort of board similar to those multi effects pedals where i could connect pedals to it and control them and allow myself to hit multiple effects at one touch? I need this for live playing.
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