I've been playing for around a year and a half (...Starting to lose track. :/) and I've switched to holding the pick so that the middle of the pick is on the first joint of my index finger, with my index finger at a 45 degrees angle.

Then, I was exposed to this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-NOMn3P9AE (Paul Gilbert discussing picking mechanics) and then I noticed that he was holding his pick before the first joint.

Should I be emulating him? Am I the only one holding it the way I'm holding it? I do find it slightly difficult to angle my pick 45 degrees while keeping my wrist straight with the way I'm holding it now. 45 degrees, no, but maybe 20-30, still enough for it to be somewhat smooth.
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Everyone holds it different. What ever is most comfortable to you. I choke the picl very shallow and don't leave much to pick with.
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i hold it pretty close to the first joint. my index finger is almost hooking the pick edge so it feels stable without having to squeeze my finger and thumb together.
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As noted, different people have different techniques. Robert Fripp had much to say about picking technique in his "guitar craft" articles.
I have my index finger joint essentially pointing the same way the pick does, along the long axis. The thumb is almost at 90 degrees to that. Like King of Kings says, I leave very little of the pick exposed.
This lets me "choke up" the pick to do Al Dimeola-type muting if I wish, or expose a bit more pick for a more ringing sound.
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