im not quite sure which forum to put this problem under, this one or the amp and gear thread.

but anyway, my 7 string makes kind of an odd.....sound, i dont know how to describe it, but i'll try.

it makes kind of a bouncing sound through my amp. like, if you unplugged an electric and you started playing triplets on the lower strings, it sounds like the pick is bouncing off the string.

but that annoying sound is making so i cant hear the lower strings, all i can hear is that stupid bouncing!

any one else have this kind of problem? or know how to fix it?
yea when my battery goes low the sound starts to fail and come on and off, so try that
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na, the battery is brand new.

heh, this problem is a bitch to decribe

the problem seems like....im hearing more of the sound from picking the string, than the tone of the string itself
it could also be your action is too low causing fret buzz, but its hard to say without hearing it