The other night I decided to try and find the most viewed video on YouTube and after about 10 seconds of searching, I found some thing of Susan Boyle on Britain's Got Talent. That had 94,000,000. Yup, 94 million.

And today, I thought to myself: "Hmmm. What's really f*cking popula- Justin Bieber..."

So I YouTubed his name and I found:
His YouTube channel with over 600,000 subscribers.
And I think we have a winner here: "Justin Biber - Baby ft. Ludacris"

I don't wanna start ranting about Bieber cos it'll never end if The Pit gets started up so, I'll just ask what's the most amount of views you've seen on a YouTube video?
Why were you looking for Susan Boyle on YouTube in the first place?
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I'm still waiting for the billion mark.
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hmm.... over 10,00?
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I actually like some of Justin Biebers stuff.....

Also inb4 >9000 views
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Faggot music.

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As for me, I spend way too much time on Youtube, so I've seen quite a few with over a hundred million, including that Lady Gaga vid. Good song.
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You can sort by most viewed. Just Saying...

this, it's like saying "What's the most viewed vid on a porn website?"
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meh the numbers dont neceserrily mean anything about people aactually liking it though, look up rick roll and see how many view thats got now, even though its annoying shit that most people close straight away, just look at chris crocker loads of view just cause everyone was like "omg look at this retard" to their friends, theres even youtube poop with the views in the tens of millions
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