Hi guys (and possibly girls)

I know of this bass, which i found a million years ago somewhere on the internet, but forgot all about it untill recently, and now i just cannot find it again. the only thing i remember about it is that it had a rather unique head

Paint skills are obvious:

As the painting depicts, the head is "just" a frame of wood, instead of the usual solid piece of wood, it was made of light wood. the neck is fretless and i remember the body as light blue..

So, please, if you know anything about such a bass help me out

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well, you havent hit the spot with any of them, the painting i made is as close to reality as i could get it.. the head is regtangular-ish. The head of the bass in the clip has about the "thickness" of the wood as the one im looking for
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Hi guys (and possibly girls)

you've painted a nice 6 string guitar, not a Bass, that for starters

can't you remember the name of the brand?
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Well, its a 6-string fretless bass.. And i kinda have the name Eagle in my head, but i dont get any positive results by looking for that
The description of the headstock makes me think Wishbass.
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Yeah, the Wishbass has that same kind of hollow headstock, only the one im looking for is equally thin in the headstock-frame-thingie... hmmm

I decided to give it all in the search, and in some of my oooold files on my back up system i found a picture of it:

But i still have no idea about who made it