I want a new guitar my price range is £400 - £600

I play standard rock touch of metal and i like neil young rock songs

i'm not going to learn how to shred so i would like a thicker neck

pick-ups don't matter i can swap them for new ones, i only want 2 Humbucker

Strat style shape

no tremolo please

string thru please

colour dont matter its how it plays

i would like 24 frets but 22 will do

anything else u need to know just ask
i would say look into some prs guitars, i don't know the currency but i'm sure there are some in your range. maybe a prs custom 24?
I need somebody, not just anybody, you know I need someone.

Neil Young plays a Les Paul.

Have a look at the ESP LTD H-401FM or the LTD H-351NT, these two meets your criteria.
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Holy crap, check this out!
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There are a million six guitars out there with those specs. Go surfing the internut then go out and see if you can find the guitar locally.Try before you buy.

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