I'm auditioning for a college course on the 24th and i need a song to perform.. been thinking of playing offend in every way by the white stripes.. think thats a good choice? if not, any ideas?
I'd try a song everybody knows. Try something like Wish You Were Here by PF or so. I do love that Stripes song though...
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you might wanna look at something more difficult, but that you're comfortable playing. i had the same kind of interview say 3 weeks ago, i played 'yer majesty' by shinedown, not extremely difficult
play technical difficulties by paul gilbert.
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play technical difficulties by paul gilbert.

nah play the echo song by paul gilbert. note wise, its just straight eighths the whole way, but it sounds super impressive with the echo.
Play something neo-classical, or something from a guitar god (Satriani, Vai, Loomis etc)
if u can play red hot chilli peppers that should be a good song

cant stop
dani californa
Technical Difficulties FTW
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