I've recently learned a fairly simple version of the entertainer from this site and I'm trying to master the chat atkins version (amongst others) but I'm finding it quite difficult, the tab I've got doesn't give chord shapes. does anyone have any tips or recommended learning material for a relative beginner in this style of fingerpicking. I'm desparate. Cheers guys.
PS, I already enjoy artists like Tommy Emmanuel and and Nick Harper its just their stuff is way out of my league at the minute.
well i like kyle gass' style of playing. when hes doing an acoustic solo sometimes he'll play 1 string open while playing the next string around the octave. its fun to play around with that stuff and it sounds bigger because playing 1 string on an acoustic isnt that loud and it normally sounds like shit.

zakk wylde does this during the mtv unplugged performance of pride and joy - machine gun man
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You are doing fingerpicking, right? I would recommend this song, I am going to be learning it shortly, this is Masaaki Kishibe's song "Hana."


Here is a nice cover by Andy Mckee:

And there are tabs here:

Hope this helps!

just checked those out now, some pretty nice stuff AND it dosn't seem to hard, thanks alot