Hi Harry, This is Wes from Power Chord Academy. After reviewing your student music profile, I have been asked by our Executive Director to personally invite you to our program. We have determined that you would be an excellent candidate for one of our bands that needs a Guitarist. We definitely want you out at our sessions! Please have your parent or guardian call me immediately at (number removed). I need to fill all of the premium elite band openings in the next few days. Harry, this is a very significant opportunity for you. Let me know!

This seems very fake has anybody else recieved this email and does anyone no if this real or fake?
In my experiences if you have to question it, it's all kinds of wrong. And that goes for lots of stuff, not just this.
Gonna have to agree with celticstorm on this one... especially if you have never registered with them in the first place. If you have registered with them recently, try skipping around the number in the message and contact someone through their website... they should be able to tell you whether or not it's legit
I did actually enter a competiton but i have had an email before this one saying i was unsuccesful than this came
It's probably "real" in that it is legitimately from Power Chord Academy. However, PCA is a business... and for you to take part in one of their sessions, you would owe them a couple hundred dollars. That is a generic e-mail they send out to anyone who they get an e-mail address for (which they probably picked up from the competition you entered).
Power Chord Academy is 100% and has been around for over 12 years!

At Power Chord Academy, dedicated musicians ages 12-18 are put through the most inspirational, educational, and intensive programs of their young careers.

Our professional instructors provide the guidance, development, and refinement necessary to foster essential fundamental growth and development. During the sessions, our students are given the once in a lifetime opportunity to be a professional musician in which they will gain hands-on technical experience in critical areas such as digital-audio recording, song-writing, and on-stage performance as well as develop an understanding of the determination and dedication it takes to succeed in the music industry today.

Our educational programs will not only improve fundamental skills and teach breakthrough concepts, but provide our teenage musicians with an exciting, unforgettable, highly educational experience. Whether it's pop or punk, metal or blues, Power Chord Academy provides not only the essential technical training and fundamental knowledge inherently necessary for success, but the greatest, most inspirational experience of an aspiring musician's lifetime.

Give us a call at 800-897-6677 and we can tell you more about it!