I have been playing electric guitat now for about 2 years and have decided to finally get an acoustic .

Now i know theres plenty of guitars out there but i would like something around the £250-£300 mark.

Whats the best sort of thing out there for this kind of money?

Ive looked at a couple of different things but im just after some different opinions.

i will try before i buy also.

In the UK...the smart money will go on a Tanglewood.

New or secondhand, obviously secondhand will get more for your money.

Yamaha do some nice ones for that money to, a 730 I believe they are called.

If you can afford to spend more, or are willing to spend more, but not in one go...then your money really should go on a Faith Guitar.

In the UK, the Arts Council, subsidises the "Take It Away" scheme, that allows a person to spend up to £2k (you wouldn't need that much) with 0% interest over 9 months.

So you could put down £250 or £300 and then have 2£200 or so over 9 months and get a stonking ALL SOLID acoustic, with hard case, that plays like a dream (if it suits you), that you will never NEED to replace.
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