Hi guys,

Hope you can help me. I'd love to learn how to play this song.


I already know the chords (which are to be found here: http://www.megachords.com/piano/music/121338/ara-que-tinc-vint-anys.htm)

but I still don't know the strumming pattern or the finger picking he uses.

Can anyone please help me? Also, I think he uses a capo on the video. Should I use one as well?

Damn.. so I guess its pretty hard to play tremolo? Is there an alternative? Or do I need to practise (you know any exercises?) to play it.. still, I don't know which strings he uses and in what order to use them :-(
I meant he uses tremolo on chords, alternate picking is pretty easy for single notes, for chords it requires some exercises, basically just practice them, as for the pattern I think you can just hear it in the song, he plays a segment fast, then pause, and then plays again, I can't really describe it in any other way since my main specialization is electric guitar, not acoustic.