Hi there,I have an extremely High Gain tube amp that I love
The forerunner of the HK Warp X,the WARP T

Identical to the Warp X except the Warp T looks a lot better

4 x 12AX7 preamp and 4 x 6L6 120 watt tube amp

The cab I'm running is the oversized Warp T cab w/ 2 Celestion Vint 30's and 2 Celestion Hot 100's

I'm running JJ tubes all around and I LOVE the gain,tightness and all around power of the sound that I get from just the preamp but I need some hairier or gnarlier distortion

Something like an Entombed or High On Fire Sound

My main axe is an Ibanez 121 Prestige Crushed Deep Ruby
Mahogany solid body w/ an EMG 81 in the bridge

Now I tune to D# w/ an octaver running normally
and I tried C,D and A tuning and that didn't git it!

I guess the distortion is just just too damn tight/Nu metal sounding for me
I need something with more blat,splat and crust to it

Can anyone rec an OD/Dist pedal that works well in front of a similar style amp
I tried a Boss SD-1 and it just flat out FAILED

Thanks fer any help and 'scuse me if this has been beat to death but its new ta me!
most of the boss overdrives aren't very good.
Look at Ibanez or Maxon at their tubescreamers. Or some kind of EHX Big Muff.

Also one of these pedals in conjunction with the boss might sound good.

Right now I'm running an Ibanez TS9 and a Boss OD-3 in my loop and am loving it. The TS9 gives me the crunchy growl and warmth, while the OD-3 gives me that small boost of natural tone as well.

You really just have to play around with stuff, goto a guitar shop and try out a bunch.
Matt Pike of High on Fire uses a Soldano SLO head... find out what his settings are, I'm pretty sure he runs it very loud and with high gain. Sounds to me like there's some power tube distortion in his sound, which would be as a result of the loudness.

I just googled his settings and this is what I got: Preamp - Normal: 7, Overdrive: 11, Bass: 11, Middle: 8, Treble: 4.9, Master - Normal: 4.9, Overdrive: 4, Presence: 4.

Basically, lots of gain, lots of volume, lots of bass and mids, not much treble, and VOLUME.
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