I dont know where else to post this. I never ever change my guitar strings, and today I thought it would be suitable to do it. Now my problem is that I cant tune it for shit. I tune it by ear and it sounds fine, but when I try to play along with stuff its obvious to me that its really not working out.

So I found a guitar tuner, and after tuning I strum a chord and it sounds horrible.. Whats going on here?

Sorry if this is the wrong thread..
The longer you have strings on an instrument the more it stays in tune typically. When you get new strings, they typically stretch when you first put them on. So you may tune them and then they will go out of tune. Assuming the problem isn't just in your tuning or some absent minded mistake like putting the strings in the wrong places, the strings should stabilize after being on the guitar for a while.
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It's broke KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!

Prolly just your strings streching, keep retuneing and give it a day or two.
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I doubt it.. I have like locks on the strings.. they wont stretch anywhere :P
They can still stretch. It's the entire string that stretches when you put a new string on. Even if they are locked down, the part in front of the lock and can stretch.