I was wondering if there are any drum VSTi's that you can make custom beats with. Not like ezDrummer with the drag and drop samples. Is there a drum VSTi that allows you to custom make your own beats?
Try Tatapoum 4 if you want to load your own custom samples into a sequencer, or try Drumatic 3
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You can make your drum beats in Guitar Pro, export them as midi and import them to ezDrummer.
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Oh yeah? Then i gotta invest in a cheap keyboard lol

Yes and no, most midi editors don't require a keyboard
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Because thats how the Drum VSTi learns what note to play...
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Rly? What do i need to use the midi editor?

A mouse and/or a normal computer keyboard, you know the ones with all the letters and numbers on it that you're using to write your messages here on UG with(I am assuming that you're using a computer and not an iphone and what not).
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