So Im thinking about repainting my guitar and giving it that unique this is MY guitar look. But i have no idea where to start.
What kind of paint would i need?
What kind of paint works best? (or your personal preference)
What kind of tools will i need?
What kind of finishes such as the clear coat or whatever should i buy? (or your personal preference)
What kind of tools will i need?
Also any tips and advice on how to paint the guitar and any of your personal preferences
Thanks a lot UG!
PS: if you have any pictures of your custom paint, feel free to post em
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Go to the ultimate painting thread. Link in the "essential links" thread, stickied. They have loads of tutorials on the first page, read through that and then post questions in there. Please keep all questions for there, that is what they're there for.
*reported for close, please post in painting thread*

EDIT: here is a link to the painting thread. Tutorials in there for everything from stripping paint to painting itself. That should answer most if not all of your questions, if you still have more then just ask in there
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