I was wondering, what major differences there were between the Epiphone Les Paul Standard and the Standard Plus? Is there a big difference in tone between the two?
I;m pretty sure that its just the top, I think the Plus has a maple? cap. which would give it a richer tone

I could be wrong though.
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I don't think on Epiphone's the top alters the tone very significantly. I've heard that the sheet of maple they use is too thin for anything significant.

I've also heard that there are no differences between those models aside from some finish options, but I'm not quite sure, and too lazy to check.
there exists no difference in tone or build. the paper thin veneer top on a plus looks nicer. that's all. the standard has a veneer too, it's just not as pretty, to some. others prefer a plain top because it looks more vintage. not everyone likes a flamey paul.