Hey brudda,
you really need to get a couple of things. One is a pop filter and the other is music. It makes it really hard to know how off kilter you are without the backing music.

However, from what I can tell you have a decent voice hidden by lack of training. Your pitch needs a lot of work and you need to try and get rid of the nasally/talky sound to your singing. It sounds like your voice is shaking as well (Bet you were nervous!). For a long time whenever a mic got in my hands I lost my nerve.

The above stuff may sound a little harsh but really all you need is a little practice and training. I think you have potential.
Thanks a lot for the critique.

So...from what I remember reading ages ago I can fix the nasal thing by...raising the soft pallete?

And the shakiness was partly that I was nervous with the mic, haha, and partly because I only recently figured out how to properly use my diaphragm. (I think I have anyway. Feels like I am and my sound got much better. )

As for the pitch, I'm not too sure.
You'll get a better feel of pitch with time and practice (scales are great in this regard).

To reduce nasal qualities you have a number of options all of which are interlinked.
1. Start with a hum and try to aim it at the hard roof of your mouth. You'll know you hit it when your entire head starts buzzing (rather strange feeling at first lol).
2. Try smiling while you sing. Not, "look I'm an idiot" type smile more just so the corners of your mouth are turned upward.
3.use diaphragm. You don't want to push from it. More use it to control how much air goes through your larynx. Your diaphragm will not make your voice sound shaky. Singing for your throat can though.

Anywho, good luck brudda