Whats a good program to record guitar from GP/MIDI's without an actual guitar. The Guitar Pro 6 RSE isn't good enough. Something that sounds good for modern metal.

MIDI - Audio:
If you want to export the MIDI data and turn that into audio as it's played though Guitar Pro, you can use the export command.

Audio - MIDI:
Now if you want to play guitar and record the data as MIDI for Guitar Pro to put on the screen...that's going to cost ya quite a bit as guitars put out audio, not MIDI data.
There are boxes...I think Boss or Roland made one a while back but it was quite high in price.

MIDI - Virtual Instrument/Audio:
I'm sure there are programs that allow MIDI data to be put in and give you a guitar sound in the end but I don't know of any off the top of my head.
If you search in stores, look for a Guitar VSTi which supports MIDI.

Some Guitar VSTi Programs:
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