i have an early 70's gibson custom lp and the high e string keeps buzzing. i never had this problem before. i dont see the string buzzing against the frets or anything. no matter where i fret the string it buzzez and open it buzzez too. i cannot find the buzzing for anything. what can be the problem?
The bridge may be set too low or it could possibly be warped. If not try new strings or go to the music store and they will check it out for you.
Check if the neck is warped, bridge height might not be an issue here as it is only one string. but it is worth trying to raise it.

Also check buzz when the guitar is amplified, so you get the best playing comfort.

Best to check these things with your guitar tech/music store, as you might have to have a fret dress if push comes to shove.
it`s either the nut or the bridge, given the age of the guitar either the nut slot or saddle could be worn down sufficiently to create a buzz.
^it might be a worn nut slot like said.
where the string is rattling around in the cut, making noise.

to check you would slip a bit of paper under the string, in the cut of the nut.
see if that helps.

if not, it might be a loose part.
to know, you will want to strum and touch parts on the guitar to check if the noise stops.

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I've had that issue. I would say since it happens on every fret that it is most likely the bridge and/or saddle for that string. Try raising that side of the bridge just a tiny amount and see if you still get the buzzing. Also you can touch your finger to the string behind the bridge and play the string to see if you still get that buzzing.

Is the string lightly touching the back edge of the bridge behind it's saddle? Sometimes you can get a buzzing noise from that. Basically do what JJ said and touch certain parts of your guitar while you play that string to see what makes it stop, but I would bet it has something to do with the bridge. If you can't get it to go away, you may have to fix up the saddle notch with a file. For me, I would let a guitar tech do that since I've never done it before. That is what my issue ended up being, the saddle notch was cut at a slightly wrong angle when I first got the guitar. Good luck man!
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