New to whole changing speakers thing. I have a Peavey Classic 50 212 Combo and I want to switch out the Blue Marvel Speakers. I'm eyeing a set of Celestion Greenbacks 8ohms 25 watt speakers. Since both of these will be the exact wattage of the amp is it a possiblity that I could blow them at high levels??

Also my heart isn't set on the greenbacks so any other speaker suggestions are welcome. I play rock / blues stuff.
amps and speakers are rated in RMS watts. this means that at full volume, a 25w amp will give 1.41 times that, or 35.25W. a 25W speaker can take 35.25W as well.

the speaker will be fine, but its never a bad idea to get a speaker rated higher than the amp.

as for selecting a speaker, theres a speaker thread in GG&A. go ask there.