Might be trading some stuff for a Carvin DC747C. Does anyone have any input on the guitar? Just wondering what everyones opinion is of the guitar.
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You will die.
i have never played their seven strings, but i have played the 6 string version, and it felt very high quality and played very smooth with a nice, but bright, tone. Of course carvin's vary hugely based on what options you get, but it will be a high quality instrument in any case.
Great guitar! I think it's one of the top of the line 7 strings that you can get today. Carvins are very underrated.
What could the clean tones be compared to? I can't find any decent recordings of it online.
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You will die.
I have it and its AMAZING!!!!

search Mike DeMaria on youtube and go to my channel i have some videos up
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