Ok this is a question I've always wanted to know the answer to and I'm on UG so I might as well ask while I'm online

I you have thick hair, does it mean you will not bald as quickly as people with thinner hair?

I ask cause I've got very long dark brown/black hair which is VERY thick and wavy/curly. It is actually a bit like Slash's hair except less african. It is like the same as my mum's hair except I probably have longer hair than her now.

Oh yeah and you know that thing people say about if your mother's father (grandad on your mum's side) went bald then you would too? well my mum's father was an alchoholic and a drugee and so died at a young age, something like 33, but still had a full head of thick black hair according to my mum, so I don't know whether this can be relied on as he may have gone bald later in life if he had lived.

my dad is balding, it's not terrible, but it's definitely recognisable, got a medium sized bald patch and hair has receded a bit. My grandad on my dads side is almost completely bald but he is 80 years old.

Anyway UGers, if you know, I would really like to know thanks

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I imagine with thicker hair, it would take longer for it to thin out.
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I don't think there's any connection. My dad has always had relatively fine hair but he's pushing 50 and his do is intact.

The mother's grandfather thing clearly has no basis in genetics, science or even common sense.
Every male in my family with thick hair has balded relatively quickly.
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it's not mothers grandfather, it's mothers father I(or that's what people say, I dunno it does sound a bit stupid to me)

Well, I'm only 15 so I know I shouldn;t really be worrying about it now, but it sounds like my mum inherited her thick black hair from her father, and I inherited it from her, so is it possible that I have the hair genes from my mums side, that I'm less likely to go bald because it's not my dad's kind of hair that I've got

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My brother-in-law used to have super thick wavy/curly hair in high-school and by the time he was in his mid-20's he had to shave his head because he couldn't grow hair on top of his head anymore. But, this could have been a fluke, but I'm guessing its in genetics whether you loose your hair sooner or later.
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Male pattern baldness is genetic, the chances are that if any males in your family are bald/balding you will too, eventually.

Male pattern baldness is carried through women though, so look on your moms side.
I would think that you would bald less, it just makes sense.

My family all has thick hair and I haven't seen a single bald person from our family in 2 generations.
My dad had thick hair in his 30s, but he's practically bald now (He's now 50)... so..
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My uncle on the mothers side started balding at the age of 18. I'm a little worried.
Yeah I love my hair too being that I've got such a distinctive mane of hair, it's like my identity, like at school I'm "that guy with the long hair" or "Slash" or "Captain Hook" it's a laugh

Yeah but you can get those hair transplant things when you're going bald can't you? where they like implant new hair roots using samples from your actual hair, why don't people who are balding just get a hair transplant?

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How does it work out that its from the mom's side every time? That specific gene.
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