ok so i've been in a band with a bunch of kids for about a year...we have 2 guitarist which includes me. the problem is that the other guitarist has been playing for 4 more years than me and is a lot better. so he used to sing but now doesnt want to and he wont let me take any solos or riffs to do... what should i do
Either he has to give you more freedom or you two can't be in the same band. It will only get worse if nothing changes.
When I started one of my bands, the guy I got to play rhythm turned up and pulls out a '59 Reissue Les Paul and a Vox AC30, and starts to play some wicked shit. So much for me being lead. I am decent, but this guy is far, far better than me, so it makes sense.

I guess that the difference is, he is keen for to take solos though, which I do sometimes. He takes the majority of them, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Even though I was a bit put out when he just 'assumed' the lead guitar position, it is a very good arrangement and we all work well now.

I suggest you sit down with him, just the two of you, and talk it out. Say what you want, and what compromises you can make. He needs to be willing to make compromises too. Having said that, if he is obviously more skilled than you (which you have said) then maybe you need to be willing to assume the rhythm guitar role, and have an occasional solo (a la Hetfield, for example). Or, start writing songs with some dual guitar lines or harmonised solos.
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You don't want both your guitarists conflicting with each other.. It'll lead to a breakup of the band or even worse, a fight between you two.
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Either he has to give you more freedom or you two can't be in the same band. It will only get worse if nothing changes.

Show him you can do some good shit, at least as the Rythm guitar, or get out of there, as the guy above said.
I think the most specific definition you really need to have is "guitarist"

He plays guitar, you play guitar, why complicate it with unnecessary distinctions?
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Its best if you talk it out with him and maybe you can figure out when you can do a few solos and when he can do solos. You guys could take turns playing rhythm.

I don't see it as a huge deal, unless he's being an a-hole and wants to hog the spotlight 100% of the time. Most of the guitar people I know are pretty chill and would understand.

If he still insists on playing lead 100% of the time, then yeah you're going to have a problem. After you've talked it privately, then maybe you get the input of the band.

It'd be a shame to break up or leave a band just because of someone couldn't put aside their ego.