I have a Traynor 50W Tube Amp ("Traynor Custom Valve 50BLUE") that I bought used about a year ago and it didn't come with a manual or any information of any kind (I'm not sure if it was supposed to either) but I am pretty sure the tubes need to be replaced.

And I don't know anything about all the different kinds of tubes. But I do know that some are better than others for certain things

I like to play highly distorted power chords and loud solos, and my main music styles are punk, alternative, and hardcore. I have a Custom Epiphone Les Paul Silverburst.

Any information/suggestions you have will help!
Does anybody have any experience with tubes? I just need one that is good for high gain
Well, I'm not super familiar with Traynors but I believe it will need to be biased. For power tubes go with JJs for a darker tone and Tung Sols for a brighter tone. Same for preamp tubes. Contact Doug at Dougstubes.com

If you search on traynor bias you may find a similar thread on this that I remember. Also contact Traynor.
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I thought you were buying a new amp

haha yeah I was, but then I did a lot of thinking and I found that this amp is fine. And one of the main reasons I thought I needed a new one was because this one was "messing up" but actually I think it just needed new tubes

Also to the other member, is there a large difference between Traynor amps from other tube amps that would mean I need to contact Traynor to see what tubes would be good to replace with?
you need two EL34 Power-amp tubes and three 12AX7 Pre-amp Tubes.

Other than the number of tubes it's pretty much the same as most other amps.

The brand of tube is up to you... different brands have subtle tone changes, mostly in terms of clarity and EQing.
I am not sure what "bias" is actually

Sorry I really don't know much about amps unfortunately, could you explain?
Your amp is a fixed bias amp which mean the amp needs to be manually biased within a certain range. Think of it as adjusting a carburater. I would just take your amp to a shop and have them do it. I have a Blog on biasing my amp.

Here was the other thread I was thinking of:

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Well here's some info on Amps & Biasing. Might help to understand certain aspects of it

WOW I actually read that whole thing!

I think I am just going to pay the tech at the music store to bias it... haha but thanks for that link! I learned a lot of stuff, and I know that the amp I have is great!