I learned the first bar of this song ages ago, and I completely forgot the name of the piece.

It was off a two hand tapping exercise, and it's a classical piece, and that's all I remember.

I made a midi file of the bar that I know, and I'd appreciate it greatly if anyone can tell me what the hell the song actually is! Cheers, find it attached
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I don't know if it's associated with any one song, it's a popular arpeggio in classical music.

Can you give me any examples?
It sounds like a bunch of arpeggios. From a clip that short I can't say if it's a part of a specific song or not.
Sounds a bit like a portion of Moonlight Sonata.
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Can you give me any examples?

Umm, a bunch of stuff from Yngwie Malmsteen, Paul Gilbert, George Bellas, (I think that's right,) etc. No specific examples, but if you look them up, I guarantee you will find that pattern used in their stuff.

Also, I think Paganini's 5th caprice uses that arpeggio. It's in the movie 'Crossroads,' if you were curious.
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Sounds a bit like a portion of Moonlight Sonata.


Thanks man. Sorry it was such a common section, and excuse my ignorance for not remembering it was from that song but that was the piece I was looking for.