I own both an epi les paul and an esp ltd ec1000, i used to really prefer the LTD. Lately though, i have been doing some A/B of the two and i almost have to admit the LP sounds better.

The LTD is easier to play, thin neck and the action can get lower, but the LP just kinda sounds bigger and a little more natural. Its not like you lose a ton of gain going to the LP either really.

Just kind of surprised me, wondering if anyone else had similar observations?
If it's the LTD with EMGs, then yeah I can see that. The ones with the Seymour Duncans (JB/59, and they also just came out with one carrying Alnico IIs) sound pretty b/a
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I really prefer the ESP
Yes we all know les pauls have been around so long but ESP is just an epic win
Yea it has the emg 81 60. I wonder if I had a pro setup done on the LP it would be a little more nicer to play.
i've been playing nothing but my LTD since i started guitar, so i feel really clumsy with thicker necks. the thicker necks probably have a lot to do with better tone though...
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You may be able to lower the action a bit more if you get it pro setup, and you have trouble setting the guitar up yourself. But really aside from touching the truss (assuming you don't need to) you should be able to lower the action to an acceptable place without having fret buzz.

I personally like ESP necks to Gibson/Epi necks. I don't think gibby necks are unplayable, but I'm not a fan of my G-400's neck and prefer comfort over tone.
Yea I've akways really liked the neck of the ESP, really easy to play. I have attempted setups at home following guides on the net with not so great results, I might try taking it in.

I guess the thing that has surprised me the most is that the emg pickup combo is almost the default standard for modern metal stuff.
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