I have been playing acoustic guitar for about six months now, and am looking into a electric. I've done some research, but I want to know what would be the best guitar:

I want a guitar that's not going to fall apart or require major repairs often. I also would like it to sound decent, and look doesn't matter all that much to me. I currently play keyboard in a hard rock band, and am looking for a decent guitar to play on a few songs. The nearest store that sells guitars is quite a ways away, so I would like to be able to have an idea of what I want to look for. The music I like, want to play is such bands as Bon Jovi, Boston, Aerosmith, Genesis, and AC/DC.

I've pretty much narrowed it down to a epiphone sg g-400, an epi lp standard, an epi wilshire, or a fender standard strat. I would prefer not to spend above 450ish dollars...so what advice do you guys have?
I would recommend a strat. They are versatile, and really a nice looking guitar. My opinion is biased however, because I own one, but I love it very much if it helps. Beautiful clean tones, and wonderful crunchy tones as well. Mine even distorts well when I need it to. But it is really up to you my friend. Good luck.

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I sir was in your exact shoes a few months ago. I went into the guitar store with no preconceptions, I was there to buy my daughter and myself an electirc guitar, $500 limit per. My daughter was leaning toward Ibanez, but ended up with a Fender MIM Strat. I just started picking up guitars, holding and fretting and playing around with them them. Never even plugged in because I knew that what I made it sound like on a store amp was really irrelavent. I knew what I was buying the second I picked it up. I walked out with a used Schecter Blackjack, and I don't regret a thing.

It's good that you get some advice here before you shop, so you know what to look for, but in the end, it comes down to how it feels to you. So just go feel them. Good luck.
Thanks for the advice, I'm most likely going to go shopping sometime soon to try out these guitars, but i've really been leaning towards a strat. A quick question: is it better to get the HSS or the SSS model in the long run? My friend had a strat that has a rail humbucker(?) in the bridge, and I like the way the guitar as a whole feels and sounds
I don't know a thing about the HSS/SSS difference, but I recently restrung and adjusted my daughter's HSS, and it's a joy to work. (She only let me mess with it at all because I restrung it. ) It's not mine, but I could get used to it easily. It's a nicely balanced and comfortable guitar. You really can't go wrong with this.

And to answer the question at hand, the HSS has a humbucker bridge plus 2 single coils.
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A lot of Strats are routed for a humbucker beneath the pickguard, so if the one you buy is done this way you can have whichever one you want. I prefer the rail humbuckers in a Strat - particularly the Duncan Hot Rails.
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