I have some questions about voice and how to take care of yourself. I sometimes (more than often) yell to stress the point and its a very raspy yell which my guitarist describes as a crack. This concerns me as I don't want to damage my voice. Should I stop doing this?
Second is how can i warm up my voice for things like Breaking Benjamin and 3DG? I sing similarly to them so what would be good warm up for those tones?
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You should NEVER stress your vocal cords enough to put out a raspy yell, but you shouldn't yell anyways. You will royally fuck your vocal cords from that. Screaming takes a lot of technique, and that's why a lot of people end up getting throat damage and needing surgery, a la Matt Tuck and M. Shadows.

Try Melissa Cross's warm-ups. They're truly just about the only helpful thing on ZoS...
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Oh no lol I don't scream for singing. I meant when I talk I'll scream depending on what is going on. I need warm ups for my type of singing though. Idk what would work best.
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Yea thats what i thought.
First off, DO NOT waste your time on that Cross biach. She is about as helpful as poop stained toilet paper. The warm ups she has people do on the video are nothing that you cannot find on the internet believe me . I own both of her videos and I'm damn embarrassed of it.

Back on topic though. My friend, yelling while talking is just not intelligent. Can you not get your point across some other way? When you are pushing from your throat to the point of the 'break' as you say, you are taking your vocal cords and slamming them together. Think of it like two cars hitting eachother at 60 mph over and over. You can destroy your singing voice for a couple of days with just a couple of minutes of that (ask me how I know).

Warm ups for all genre's are the same. At first run scales (you'll find many in the vocal exercises thread) lightly and slowly build the power. This should take 10-40 minutes but don't start singing until you feel loose.

To care for your voice you need to stay hydrated, get all the sleep you need, and eat right. To compare, if your guitarist took his instrument out to the bar and ate Taco Bell after he could be sure that his guitar would be beat up at the end of the night. Same goes for your throat.

/end book.
Oh and to be honest you are going for a genre that requires you put distortion on your voice. There is a safe(r) way to do it will take you quite some time to master.

If you want more information let me know and I'll do a write up.
I don't know if he ever wrote anything up, but in a 10 second nutshell.

Make sure your diaphgram is clenched nice n good, then I want you to think about bringing the sound up into your head and sinuses. Reflect it off of the hard part of your mouth (Your hard palate). This will get you the resonance and volume you need.

Before we go any further, you get the volume, distortion, and tone, from your diaphgram. It's not from your throat. Keep your throat as open/relaxed. as possible, and use it as almost as just a resonance chamber.

Right in the upper back of your throat you can make the distortion sound not by cracking your voice with volume, but by letting it go through your false chords, uvula, and reflecting around the upper part of your sinuses.

It doesn't hurt to do it if you do it right. People don't believe this, they all shout Nodules! Nodules! Well theres plenty of rock singers who consistently do it, night after night, and done right it's not too hard on your chords.
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^ You were also a major help and no I haven't gotten his write up yet :-/ lolz. I just can't find the distortion in my diaphragm yet.
Figured Ghast would swoop in and explain it better than I could any how.

edit: What he means by getting distortion from your diaphragm is that you should in no way be clenching your throat up or yelling. The power of the scream begins in your belly, passes by your completely open vocal chords and picks up distortion from your false chords. This sound is resonated at the top/back of your throat and should feel like a vibration in your skull.

The sound you will get at first will most likely suck a lot but give it practice.

And Remember: If it hurts you are most definitely doing it wrong.
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Thanks man, right on the spot

Remember to stay hydrated too. If you start to get hoarse, your using too much of your regular chords too.
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I keep hydrated quite well :-] but is lemonade good for this too?
Also I don't know how it is supposed to feel from my belly to my chords and how do I use False Chords... I'm fairly new to this thing as a whole. I just sang to sing but taking this to another level is important. Again everything is appreciated.