I'm looking for some of you luthiers on here that would be interested in doing a little work for me. I have a neck that needs a fret job bad. Not just leveled but replaced. The frets are fairly small compared to what I'm used too, they have already been leveled once, and there is one that is starting to raise out of the slot on the edge. I'd just like to have the frets removed and replaced with a set of jumbos.
As you can see from the links in my sig I usually do all my own work, but I lack the tools to do a proper fret job, and I don't really want to have to learn on this neck. Its very important it plays and looks well.

To sum it up I'm looking for an EXPERIENCED luthier on here who would be willing to let me ship him the neck, do the fret job, and ship the neck back to me.

The only shop I trust anywhere near me is backed up for months on repairs, which is why I'm looking here.

If anyone is interested let me know the cost, and time involved.