I was in the clothing store Aeropostale a few weeks ago and went into the fitting room to try on a pair or boardshorts and a couple of shirts. The fitting room doors had a wood trim with a large milky-white glass plate in the middle.

Halfway through my trying-on of clothes, I noticed movement to my left and saw that I could see out of the glass into the rest of the store. Not having noticed this before, I felt a little disconcerted but then continued on as before, assuming it was just my lack of noticing my surroundings. But when I looked out into the store, there was this one woman who I swear was looking right back at me. Again, I looked out the window and then SAW it go back to opaque white. So either this is some strange thing I have never heard of before and seems to have no purpose, or there was some employee in the back shitting themselves laughing.

TL;DR - I was in a fitting room, but the opaque door seemed to turn transparent for a time, allowing me to see people outside, and people outside to see me.

has this ever happened to anyone before? (and no, I was not high or drunk or whatnot)
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Careful, guys, she might be a pitophile

you misspelled pedophile

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Yeah, what do you expect from a clothing store that I find to be shitty?
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They're screwing with you. They just wanted to see you in teh nudez.
Maybe you're just talented. Like, "seeing through solid objects" talented.
It's a compliment. Go in and try on some drawers next time.


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Maybe that lady was reading your mind, Should have worn your Tin Foil Hat

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some places have cameras and shit to look for shoplifters, two way wall maybe?

or you developed xray vision!
you brought a hooker to church?
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That's what you get for going into aeropostal. That's what you get.

We made it one post this time. Maybe because they have good quality clothes at a decent price?
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Suspect drugs.
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I killed your face.

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Never went to Aeropostal. J. Crew and Guess is the lowest I go.

....what? I am not preppy nor gay!
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We made it one post this time. Maybe because they have good quality clothes at a decent price?

This i suppose. I'm not all about wearing these kinds of clothes, but when I feel like it, why not.
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This i suppose. I'm not all about wearing these kinds of clothes, but when I feel like it, why not.

Their clothes are good enough quality, but I've always hated any brand that seems to be self advertising in everything they make. Most Aeropostal, or Abercrombie, or Hollister clothing seems to have their brand name in huge letters all over their clothes. I hate that! It's the same reason I have never like Armani Exchange. They have great quality clothing, but there's always a huge "AX" on everything.

Their quality is good for the price, though. So if you want more than Kohls, but not something as expensive as J Crew or Banana Republic, than it's not bad.
That lady is probably wondering why you took off your clothes and started staring at her.
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